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Shit in my mouth!

Dickless Donovan
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Hi! OK, enough of that. Let's get down to it, here. And IT means ME!!!!
Alright, here's the skinny;
1. Borderline illiterate (as you will undoubtedly get right off the bat here)
2. I have a cousin who used to be retarded. Very sad, I know.
3. My shit does not stink.
4. I don't snort drugs.
5. I walk a lot.
6. I started reading books lately. It's hard, but the headaches are starting to go away.
7. My band sucks. Like, a lot.
albino's, anal cunt, angus young, arby's, armpit hair, automatic transmission fluid, blink 182..and i'm serious, blunts, bridget's juggs, campground effect, chili pretzel dogs, cigarette cases, clean & natural barsoap, crystal deoderant, dirty dirty porno, eddie & the cruisers, electric clippers, flexfit hats, gasoline fumes, gutter punk deadbeats, health insurance, hippies, john davis jr., josh freese, kim shattuck, maintaining an errection, marc bolin, matt mahaferty, mcgriddles, miller high life, my bank account, nels cline, paint thinner fumes, parliament lights, perms, prison tattooes, public radio, pugs, rubber cement fumes, shanks, shivs, slam dunking, slammed mini trucks, slayer, smart people, sour punch, spraypaint fumes, stupid people, sunglasses, the record industry, uppers, weezer, wiggers